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Objective, measurable, and automated tracking of physical therapy progress using data and advanced 3D imaging

Four products that are changing how we see rehabilitation.


3D analysis top tier full body assessment from head to toe


We use physiowellness to identify employees who are at the highest risk for workplace injury and work on a preventive program.


3D analysis of range of motion of all joints of the body


3D analysis of sports specific movements

Made for Physical Therapists by Physical Therapists

Clients that use Physioscience™

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Used by World-Class Hospitals, Physical Therapy Clinics, MLB All-Stars, NFL All-Pros and the Weekend Warrior

This revolutionary software makes analysis easy, simple, and immediate. You need to know what’s going on in your biomechanics and now you can. 

The 3D technology provided by Physioscience™ was a huge benefit to me as I pursued the most complete knowledge of the way my body functioned. I was able to gain an understanding of my strengths and weaknesses as they pertained to the functionality, mobility as well as flexibility of each maybe joint of my body. Through the process the technology allowed me to focus in on areas I could improve my performance. One of my favorite luxuries of the technology was being able to test periodically and see tangible improvements of things I was able to work on. It helped me understand my body in a new light and helped me continue my pursuit of maximal function in my profession as a professional hockey player.

Thatcher Demko

Goalie, NHL