• PhysioROM is a range of motion assessment of all joints of the body
  • Improve healthcare professionals efficiency with range of motion measurements
  • Objective analysis of range of motion, compensations during a movement pattern and tracking of progress during the rehab process


  • PhysioSport is a sports specific analysis of an athletes movement patterns
  • Identify athletes strengths and weaknesses
  • Injury prevention to help keep athletes on the field
  • Assist with (customization or creation) of individualized and unique rehab/training programs
  • Improve sports performance
Drew Brees using Physioscience


  • PhysioBody is a top tier assessment from head to toe
  • Establish strengths and weaknesses with everyday movement patterns
  • Improve how you move with daily and work related tasks


  • PhysioWellness is an assessment of cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine
  • Improve spine health by identifying flexibility/mobility limitations
  • Decrease risk of spine related injuries in the workplace and everyday life

Benefits of the Software

  • Developed by Physical Therapists exclusively for Physical Therapists
    The only Infrared technology for Patient Assessment and Insurance Reimbursement.

  • Enhance a patients experience with rehab objective collection of data for PT documentation, eliminate human error automated software- computer guided

  • User friendly: No Sensors, No Set Up Time

  • Comprehensive 3D Analysis of functional movement and range of motion and Real Time Biofeedback

  • Outstanding for Patient Care Assessment: Initial & On-going reassessments to track progress and for ongoing insurance reimbursement.
  • Reimbursed by most insurance companies (including Medicare)

  • Billing for range of motion assessment per patient visit – WITHOUT replacing or eliminating any billing codes. You are billing an untimed code.

  • Automatically upload to your company’s EMR or EHR for documentation
    Reports show and compare patient progress on a split screen.

  • Objective measurements identify and confirm improvements or the need for continued care

  • More patients can be seen in a day. The PhysioScience 3D Technology computer guided assessment is fully autonomous, not dependent on a PT or aide to run the program.
  • Specifically designed to identify typical PT issues. Gives % Range of Motion and targets areas of compensation.

  • Useful to review problem areas with the patient, providing comprehensive feedback to chart patient progress. Biofeedback and visual cues enhance patient education which helps individuals move better, prevent injury, improve sports performance and quality of life

  • Each therapist can bring in an extra $80,000 to $100,000 per year by utilizing this system. This equipment not only replaces the goniometer with objective and precise measures. It also simplifies and eases the assessment process with additional untimed insurance reimbursement.
The bioscience system at Water & Sports Physical Therapy has provided me with an objective score on my motion that I could track during my recovery from a broken scapula.

Mauricio de Oliveira