Stefan McClure: Indianapolis Colts Safety

Working with Britt Lillie and Randi Kinney to prepare for the NFL season was great, they got my body feeling the best it’s felt in years. The use of the L&C Orthopedics and Innovation software helped align my body to prevent injuries. Their innovative testing through the sport specific software to diagnose issues and make corrections were spot on. Also working with Britt and Randi with Water and Sport Physical Therapy doing ACL Injury prevention was amazing. Their knowledge and ability to verbalize the exercises made rehab fun and effective. If you need your body feeling great I would suggest you go and see Britt Lillie and Randi Kinney.

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Troy Ware: Boise State Wide Receiver

My name is Troy Ware and I played football at Boise state and unfortunately tore my ACL and meniscus my senior year. It was a tough time and I knew I would be in for a rough rehab. I was able to get my surgery done and fortunately I was placed in the hands of the Water and Sports PT staff. Britt Lillie and Randi Kinney were hands on and encouraging every day and the strategy and technology they used was top notch. It was interesting to see the software they used through L&C Orthopedics and Innovation, which was very sport specific and beyond helpful in getting me back to my original standard of athleticism. I was able to work my way back into the rigorous training that was needed for my NFL combine prep in 2016. After I felt like I was one hundred percent we then moved on into the ACL injury prevention program which was just icing on top of the cake. Overall my experience at Water and Sports PT and with L&C Orthopedics and Innovation was exceptional and I would encourage all athletes to take advantage of their services.

Erica Cohen

My name is Erica Cohen and I came to Fitness Quest 10 and Water and Sports Physical Therapy in the summer of 2015. During this time, I was about to enter my senior year at UC Davis and ready to begin my last season the Division 1 field hockey team. The only thing that stood between me and stepping on the field for preseason was passing the ACL test, which had caused problems for me in the past.

I tore my ACL in September 2013, and struggled a lot with recovery. I had been to many physical therapists over this time, and dedicated hours a day to getting better. I struggled with getting back my leg strength and getting full extension so I sought out the help of Britt Lillie and Randi Kinney at Water and Sports PT. Not only did they push me, but they were constantly trying new things since I was so far behind where I should have been at that point int ime. Under their care, I was able to finally pass the ACL test after almost 2 year of being hurt! Without them, it is likely that I would have never played college field hockey again. I came to them very late in my recovery, and they were able to step right in and make a difference.

I was fortunate that I got to use the software form L&C Orthopedics and Innovation to aid in the recovery process as well. This software was used for both my initial evaluation and reassessments. This was important to help access weaknesses in my biomechanics so that I knew what to work on to prevent injuries in the future.

Thanks to amazing physical therapists, trainers and software, I made it through season injury free. Many people though I would never return to the sport since my recovery was so difficulty but Britt Lillie and Randi Kinney helped me prove everyone wrong.

Now that I am done with college and working, I am happy to have stayed involved with field hockey as well. I coach a lot in my free time, and am very happy that my knee is strong so I can demonstrate skills and play alongside the players I coach. Athletics are something that I am really passionate about and thankful that I no longer have to stay away from something I love because of my knee.